Manual 55 is on it’s way. #manual55 #skatedonthate

For Example: Bernie Foo. From deep in the archives. Frontside 180 revert at Midlands, Wellington. Photos: David Read @b_foo @davidread #nzskateboarding

Dane Burman with a ridiculously huge kickflip from the @volcom_oz True To This tour article in Manual #54. Head to the @manualmagazine site for video evidence and to download this image as a wallpaper. Shot in Auckland by Andrew Mapstone.

@daneburman @raddada #nzskateboarding #skateboarding @volcomskate @fallenfootwear @zeroskateboards

Christchurch’s Josh Stewart seen here with a top notch fakie frontside 180 down the the well known Countdown 11. Photo by Jack Grant. Head over to the @manualmagazine to peep the full image. #fridayphoto #nzskateboarding #skateboarding

Thanks for all your amazing entries to our Corona (@corona_nz) #manualwinterescape competition! We’re stoked to announce the winner…

Bryce Madsen (@brothersbreakfast), you just won yourself a day of heliboarding with Heli Tours NZ (@helitoursqueenstown) worth $1750 for you and your buddy @joliversmith for uploading this sweet pow pow pic. Booyah! Slash one for us.

Stay tuned for the winners of the runner up Corona merch packs.

Happy birthday Dan! Keep it up top dog. #yesterday @daniel_gemmell. Photo by @davidread

Luke Hodges is pole jamming in this week’s #TTT feature. Get on over to the @manualmagazine site now to check it out along with more imagery like this from Kingsley Attwood. @lukehodges96 @kingsleyattwood1 #nzskateboarding #skateboarding

R.I.P. Jay Adams.

This week’s #FridayPhoto focuses on Tim Geoghegan as he launches over this rail in Tauranga. Photo by @connor__hill. Head over to the @manualmagazine site for a look at the full size image. #nzskateboarding #skateboarding

We dug deep for the latest #ForExample and came across this gem of James Wright with a switch bigspin heelflip. Taken from the pages of #Manual #28, The 10 Year Anniversary issue. Photos by @davidread. #nzskateboarding #skateboarding